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Hi, we are Carlien and Roland, the creative souls behind Daring Dutch Designers. Daring? Because early 2022 we trusted our instincts and jumped into the ‘unusual’ together and it was then that Daring Dutch Designers really came a life. We sold all our belongings, said goodbye to our permanent jobs and built our self-converted campervan. 

Carlien, one of the owners of Daring Dutch Designers showing a poster.
The camper van of the Daring Dutch Designers, their home and office on wheels.
Roland and Carlien the owners of Daring Dutch Designers working on their van.
The camper van of the Daring Dutch Designers, their home and office on wheels while they are travelling.

A step back to where our adventure began. It’s for over 2 decades that we met during the introduction week at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in metropolitan Amsterdam. As two youngsters partying and getting closer to each other we started the first year of our ‘bean-counting’ study. The beginning of our infinite adventure.

Having left the Netherlands at the end of 2014, we moved from the comforts of home, to embrace 7 years of expat life in Peru, Germany, and France. A moment of pause in 2019, with an unforgettable 6-months journey across breathtaking Oceania. 


It’s during our last adventure in France where the idea of starting our own business was born, Roland’s old boyhood dream. It turned out the best plan B during the Corona-pandemic while being locked-up in our apartment in Lyon 24/7. 

The owners of Daring Dutch Designers ready for a bike trip.
The campervan of the Daring Dutch Designers.
The owners of Daring Dutch Designers showing a large wall art print.
The interior of the van of the Daring Dutch Designers including bed, kitchen and couch.
A mixture of art prints designed by the Daring Dutch Designers.

With the motto ‘Making the Best Out of It’ Roland started with his old hobby designing and selling his artworks on Etsy. The first sales were a remarkable moment that fueled an ever-growing ambition to both expand and fulfill our dream of traveling the world.


Today, we live, work and travel in our self-converted van. While we hit the road, inspiration thrives and new artworks come to life in our studio on wheels, known as @ddd.vanlife

Remember Yesterday, 

Dream about Tomorrow, 

Live Today. 

Follow our studio on wheels @ddd.vanlife
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